Zagreb Food Tour

The Sinful Spoonful Zagreb Food Tour

We give you the Sinful Spoonful Zagreb Food Tour! The idea of our walking food tour is perfectly straightforward. We will take you to authentic Zagreb restaurants where you will get a chance to taste some delicious Croatian specialties and top-notch wines, learn about the Croatian way of life (and experience it for a couple of hours) and have an amazing time!

If you’re eager to know more about why us Croatians spend hours drinking coffee, eat tons of meat, drink a lot of beer, wine, rakija or any other kind of alcohol, live with our parents in our thirties, are scared to death of the draft, swear like a trooper, stuff our guests with food until they're ready to burst and other quirky features that make us Croatians so lovable, you’re in the right place!

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What Is Included?

  • During our 4-hour walking tour you will get a chance to discover the authentic traditional and modern Croatian cuisine, learn about the Croatian culture through food, eat like a local and discover the secrets to having the ultimate food and culture experience off the beaten path!
  • As we explore, you will taste a variety of delicious specialties in several traditional and modern food establishments, enjoy the rich wine aromas balanced with the flavours of exquisite Croatian prosciutto and cheese, and by the end of the tour probably get tipsy and most definitely gain some weight (resistance is futile so just relax)!
  • In order to keep things personal and ensure that everyone feels comfortable we limit the group to eight people.
  • You will also get insider travel tips and ideas on what to do during your stay in Zagreb so you don't experience the terrible fear of missing out or, even worse, return home with some tacky cheap souvenirs.
  • After the tour you will find a summary email in your mailbox with details on everything we tasted, the route we covered and other travel tips.
  • The price is 76 euro per person.
  • Last but not least: all the food and drinks are included in the price!
  • The Sinful Spoonful duo is here to provide the super fun non-touristy experience that will make you feel like a native Purger! Come and join us on a tasty culinary journey through the capital of Croatia!

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