Breakfast, we’ve been told so many times, is the most important meal of the day. We know its benefits all too well but we don’t always have time for it. In Croatia a “breakfast” usually consists only of a generous cup of coffee and that’s about it. During the week most people usually have little or no time to prepare a proper meal in the morning. Instead those extra five minutes are, without exception, reserved for the sacred ritual that is morning coffee (and you do not skip your morning coffee, unless you want to mess with the cosmic balance). So, being in a constant race against the clock we usually either skip it or resort to the most convenient option ‒ grabbing a pastry from one of the very many bakeries scattered around the city. You could “go local” and eat a Danish, an apple strudel or a burek on the go, but it’s much better (and much wiser) to have a long leisurely breakfast and indulge in a fluffy omellete, crispy toast or a super-healthy smoothie while you plan your day in Zagreb. Although the Zagreb breakfast scene is still quite uniform, with eggs being the star of the menu, there are a few places in Zagreb city centre that offer a delicious, filling and hearty breakfast that will prepare you for your morning exploration of the city. Here's our list of some cool Zagreb breakfast places.

Ever since Mundoaka opened its doors in 2014 it has been receiving huge attention both by the local clientele and travellers alike. If you’ve done your pre-travel homework and have carefully researched the Zagreb food scene (which we bet you haven’t, because who actually does that?), chances are you’ve stumbled upon Mundoaka. This place is a trendy and super busy hot spot located just a minute’s walk from the Ban Jelačić Square, in the heart of downtown Zagreb, at Petrinjska 2. If you wish to check what the fuss is all about be sure to make reservations, otherwise you’re in for a disappointment.

Every good story needs three basic elements: charismatic characters, an enthralling plot and a striking setting. The story we are going to share with you today revolves, for the most part, around one particular character and one very special setting ‒ the Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb’s central square ‒ the soul of the modern Zagreb city where everything happens. It’s where we meet with our friends (“under the clock”), it’s where we express our disagreement with the government, present local and seasonal produce from all over Croatia, enjoy a glass of mulled wine paired with hearty sausages in wintertime, run frantically to catch the tram, stagger tipsily in the middle of the night with a steaming hot burek (savoury baked filled pastry ‒ a preferred choice of food while "unsober"). It’s safe to say that Ban Jelačić Square has been the lifeblood of Zagreb since the mid-17th century.

First off, before we tell you more about the concept of Kava Tava, we should briefly tackle the issue of eating breakfast outside of the home in Croatia. It’s no secret that some 90 percent of Croats eat their breakfast at home. The number should be more or less accurate when applied to the people who actually eat their breakfast, because although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s also the one we have the least time for. Being in a constant race against the clock we usually either skip it or resort to the most convenient (and certainly not the healthiest) option ‒ grabbing a pastry from one of the very many bakeries scattered around Zagreb. We can bet that one of the first things you will notice in Zagreb is the abundance of bakeries. They’re everywhere!

Like every winter and autumn for the past seven years Croatia Restaurant Week has returned with over 70 restaurants participating in the most exciting gourmet week. The next installment is set for October 7th through 16th. Mark your calendars for this bi-annual food event that will once again be showcasing the exciting menus from some of Croatia’s top restaurants at three-course meals at a set price of 100 kuna (or 13 euros), which is bargain, really.

The Sinful Spoonful duo will be trying out some of Zagreb’s new restaurants and revisiting some old favourites. (Which means no eating until October 7th :((( )

Before we start, we just need to make one thing clear. Writing a review of this particular restaurant has posed a bit of a challenge to us since we don’t entirely share the same view on it. Barbara is pretty much unimpressed with the food while Katarina finds it delightful and will keep coming back. So, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. However, there are some parts we do agree on...

Compared to the majority of western European capitals Zagreb has been seriously lagging behind when it comes to the variety of international cuisines. In a word, the Croatian international food scene can be characterized as conservative, at least for now, but there are some changes coming our way (yay!). Aside from the predominantly Italian, French, American (fast-food), German and the occasional Mexican restaurants present in the Croatian “multicultural” culinary scene, the most exotic among them, without a doubt, is Asian cuisine.

Burgers, burgers, juicy burgers everywhere! Zagreb’s first pop-up burger festival has officially started yesterday with a sizzling atmosphere that in the next ten days, from September 15th to 25th, will be luring anyone casually wandering the city centre to Strossmayer Square with the tantalizing smell of grilled meat.