The concept of chefs swapping restaurants or working together in the same kitchen doing “guest chef nights”, designing special menus and signature dishes for a restaurant, have recently become very trendy in the kitchens of the world. The trend has caught on in Croatia as well, believe it or not! Why is this so great? Well, we see it as an amazing opportunity going three ways (and our way is the one that is most important for both of us, dear reader!).

The Carnival season is just around the corner, with Mardi Gras falling on February 28th this year, and in our foodie minds that equals donut season! This year we’ve decided to roll up our sleeves and find the best donut (krafna in Croatian) in a cute new pastry shop in Zagreb that specializes in donuts. Located off the beaten path, in Harambašićeva Street 32a, this charming donut shop, conveniently named Miss Donut, offers no mediocre deep-fried balls found in your average bakery or supermarket in Zagreb.

At the beginning of January (the most terrible month with its dismal and dreary days which no matter what the clock says always make you feel like it’s 7 pm) we were in search for some comfort food. So we decided to pay a visit to a bistro we were completely indifferent to for quite some time... After the initial rave following the opening of Bistroteka in December 2014, with superlative reviews and comments about this new “simple and unpretentious” place in Nikola Tesla Street (at number 14), we patiently waited a couple of months to check what the fuss was all about (though not together but on separate occasions).

This time we’re taking you far away from the Zagreb food scene, all the way up to the capital of the Emerald Isle. Yup, the city is Dublin or Baile Átha Cliath in Gaelic (I dare you to try and guess how it’s pronounced). We’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new section on our blog: the Travel Diary. We will share the travels we experienced either together or individually with plenty of tips and recommendations for you fellow travellers and foodies. The story you’re about to read is Katarina’s.

Caught in the agony of making New Year’s resolutions (with special emphasis on the one that has to do with losing weight and getting back in shape after a very very long break), we are struggling with writing a post about one of our favourite burger joints in Zagreb on an empty stomach (okay, it’s filled with some low fat cottage cheese, boring cherry tomatoes and some terrible low fat rye bread, which altogether counts as nothing). But one can still dream about the burger-shaped happiness never to shine up the gloomy and hungry days ahead, can’t they?

A wise man once said that honesty is the best policy. His name was Benjamin Franklin. We’ve pointed out so many times that we want to you to have the best possible food in our gastronomically shy little city, so we are giving you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If you follow this blog, the name Otto & Frank shouldn’t sound entirely unfamiliar because you’ve come across it in our recently published article on the six great breakfast places in Zagreb. If you still haven’t read it, shame on you! :D Even though we recommended it primarily as a cool breakfast place, make no mistake, Otto & Frank is much more than that. That’s why we thought we might give you an update on this lovely little spot in Tkalčićeva 20.

Tucked away in one of Zagreb’s coolest neighbourhoods, only a 10 minutes’ walk east from the main square, this unassuming little bistro seamlessly blends into the creative zone of Martićeva Street. In order for you to get the full picture let’s just briefly touch upon the background of Martićeva Street. Although nowadays the area around Martićeva Street is becoming a progressing district that encourages sustainable living and creative entrepreneurship, it wasn’t always like this.